An Overview of Enhancing Quality of Service for Enterprise Networks using Web Services

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K. Manivannan
C.G. Ravichandran


The appearance of Web as an omnipresent media for sharing content and services has led to the rapid growth of the Internet. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) is anticipated to provide better performance delivery of content in internet through worldwide coverage, which would be a fence for new content delivery network providers. At the same time, the number of users accessing Web-based content and services are growing exponentially. This has placed a heavy demand on Internet bandwidth and Web systems hosting content and application services. As a result, many Web sites are unable to manage this demand and offer their services in a timely manner. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have emerged to overcome these limitations by offering infrastructure and mechanisms to deliver content and services in a scalable manner, and enhancing users’ Web experience. The planned research provides a framework designed to enhance QoS of Web service processes for real time servicing. QoS parameters of various domains can be combined to provide differentiated services, and allocating dynamically available resources in the midst of customers while delivering high-quality real time multimedia content. While accessing the service by a customer, it is possible to adapt real time streams to vastly changeable network conditions to give suitable quality in spite of factors upsetting Quality of service. To reach these intentions, adaptive web service processes to supply more information for determining the quality and size of the delivered object.



Keywords: Enterprise Network, Quality of Service, Content Delivery, Real time streaming Protocol.


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