FBR Cryptosystem for Enhanced Security

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Akhil Kaushik
Manoj Barnela, Satvika Khanna


In aspect of information security, cryptography is one of the conventional used techniques for secure communication. In contrast to
Steganography, Cryptography mechanisms deal with encoding the data into unintelligent information rather than hiding it. Primarily, the cryptography
algorithms are categorized into two types which are symmetric key cryptography and asymmetric key cryptography algorithms. The
symmetric encryption is much faster and occupies less memory; however its chief disadvantage is distribution of the secret key. On the contrary,
asymmetric encryption is more secure but comparatively slower. The focus of this paper is to combine BEST algorithm, a fast and novel technique
for symmetric cryptography and RSA, a popular asymmetric key algorithm; to yield a more authentic, secure and faster way of communication.
This new hybrid system called Fusion-BEST-RSA (FBR) is developed with aim to achieve advantages of both approaches.


Keywords: Cryptography, Symmetric cryptography, Asymmetric cryptography, FBR, BEST, RSA.


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