Key Generator based secured system against SQL-Injection attack

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Sumit Dhariwal
Romil Rawat, Nikhil Patearia


As the internet has been grown, user has been tremendously addicted to use web application. Almost every sectors like banking, Reservation, traveling and many sectors has been completely dependent on internet functionalities, SQL-Injection has been ranked at the top most attack in web application. It breaks private and confidential secured systems by applying different vulnerable tricks used by attacker. It uses bypassing techniques to access the restricted information in unauthorized manner. So, for protecting them various security has been implemented, but as security grown, attacks also grown, many systems has already crashed and stolen for maliciously purposes. Here we have used a technique, which uses key-generator and comparator function. Key is generated by permutation and combination of username and password values. It is compared by the saved value of key, if it matches, there is no SQL-Injection, otherwise there is Injection.



Keywords: SQL Injection, Key Generator, Comparator.


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