A novel design of OA-SPQC system for Steel Manufacturing Process

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ProcessVeena N. Jokhakar
Dr S.V. Patel


Almost all industries need to perform effective data analysis of their business process data. However, methodologies for such analysis will differ depending on the type of data to be analyzed. A steel manufacturing process consists of sequence of processing units having many complex sub processes. In each processing unit of steel manufacturing, various sensors are used to sense and collect data for the control of the processes as well as to maintain and improve the quality of the steel product. Processing as well as analysis of this data carries lot of significance. As conventional methods of analysis of these data are neither suitable nor efficient due to huge and diverse data to be analyzed, we must apply methods that make best use of modern technologies to obtain desired results. This paper presents design and implementation of an effective analysis system ‘OA-SPQC’ (Online Analysis- Statistical Process and Quality Control ) System that makes use of statistical process control, quality control and Online analytical processing (OLAP) with the goal of analyzing process and quality control parameters effectively and further to provide flexibility to the user for necessary analysis in a typical mild steel manufacturing process.



Keywords – Data warehouse, Online analytical processing, Statistical process control, Statistical quality control, Cube.


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