Audio Watermarking by Reducing Noise Using Fast Fourier Transformation

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Parminder Singh
Preetinder Kaur Mann, Mandeep Singh Sandhu


The motivation for this research work includes the provision of protection of intellectual property rights, an indication of content manipulation, and a means of protecting digital media from tampering and all this without affecting the quality of data. A new scheme is proposed for wave files which reduce the noise by applying Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) and taking random carrier to embed the watermark into the audio bit stream instead of fixed or low frequency carrier. The new scheme has implemented and its audio quality parameters are compared to the other best known audio watermarking technique. Comparison has been done on the basis of Peak Signal to Noise Ratio, Signal to Noise ratio and Bit Error Rate. The comparison proves that the proposed technique give better results. Comparison is done with best know An Adaptive watermarking Algorithm for Mp3 compressed Audio Signal techniques proves that the proposed and implemented algorithm for audio watermarking gives better results.



Keywords: Audio Watermarking; Fast Fourier Transformation; Peak Signal to Noise Ratio; Signal to Noise Ratio; Bit Error Rate


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