The Chain Model for Combating Cyber Crime through Prevention, Detection and Prosecution

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Jigar Patel


Currently people working in the cyberspace are not secure due to the different kinds of cyber crime. If any user or business
organizations are using computer or computerized system they have to think about the different challenges posed by cyber criminals like data
theft or corruption of data or any misuse of computerized system which is defined under the cyber laws drafted by different country in the world.
This paper is mainly focus on all those issues that can be helpful to combat the cyber crime by the chain model. Here, the model gives all six
steps which should be followed in proper sequence and time for its effective use and implementation. The papers also discuss all the hindrances
that can spoil the real implementation of cyber laws in the cyberspace. We might have all the knowledge of cyber crime, network security,
forensic tools for evidence collection and cyber laws, but until it is not organized in proper sequence any one of its is not useful to combat cyber

Keywords: Cyber Crime, Network Security, Chain Model, Cyber Law, Prosecution


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