Handwritten Document Management System: Key Challenges And Probable Solutions For Indian Railway And Healthcare Industries

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Subhadip Basu
Sandip Rakshit, Kalyan S Sengupta


In this paper we propose a Handwritten Document Management System (HDMS) which manages handwritten paper documents and their applications in Indian Railway and Healthcare Industries. The proposed HDMS manages paper documents, including those with handwriting, and integrates them with electronic documents. By digitizing and managing handwriting on paper, we provide document management and retrieval capabilities that utilize the OCR technology. In reality, handwritten data usually touch or cross the pre-printed form frames and texts, creating complex problems for the recognition routines. In this paper, we address these issues and attempted to solve the problem for two real-life problem domains using our custom built form processing software and Tesseract open source character recognition engine.



Keywords: Handwritten Document Management System, Tesseract OCR engine, Technology Acceptance Model


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