Security Requirements Development Framework (SRDF)

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Rajendra Kumar
Mustafa K.


Any information system becomes successful for the business organizations when its diverse software modules work in a desired manner. In today‟s vulnerable world, information systems entail more attention towards security. But, unfortunately, building secure software still remains an issue. Several advances have recently been made on definition of processes for secure software development, but it still remains in infancy. Earlier, security used to be an afterthought, but now-a-days it is widely accepted to be an integral part of each of the phases of SDLC. A prescriptive framework, SRDF has been proposed on the basis of research findings and industry best practices. It is to accomplish the present need of enriching SRS with requirements pertaining to security needs of particular software as a product. This may provide a roadmap to incorporate the security through SRs in the inception itself.



Keywords: Security Requirements, Web Application Security, Security in Requirements Phase, Requirement Framework


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