To Detect Abnormality in Lung Images Using Watershed Segmentation

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Poonam Bhayan
Gagandeep Jindal


In this paper we are proposing a useful and an effective scheme to detect abnormal formation of cells in the lung image. In this process we have used various methods for the detection of abnormality. The process includes enhancement of image by using different techniques, after that on an enhanced image some filters are applied to remove the unwanted noise and then the resultant image is segmented to segment the required part. In this approach first of all we normalize the input image, after normalization we applied a series of methods initially to enhance the input image, including removal of noise and after that we have used watershed segmentation and morphological operators to get the desired output result.



Keywords- Fast Fourier Transform, Histogram Equalization, Median Filter, Morphological operations, Normalization, Thresholding, Watershed Segmentation.


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