A Comprehensive Survey of Deep Learning and Its Applications in Advancing Artificial Intelligence

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Jasmine Sugil A
Dr K. Merriliance
Prof.Mary Immaculate Sheela L


Deep learning, a subset of machine learning, stands at the forefront of artificial intelligence, striving to bridge the gap to its ultimate goal. This paper employs summary and induction methodologies to research into the area of deep learning. It begins by surveying the global development and current landscape of deep learning. Next, it elucidates the structural principles, characteristics, and key models, including stacked auto encoders, deep belief networks, deep Boltzmann machines, and convolutional neural networks. Furthermore, it examines the latest advancements and applications of deep learning across diverse domains such as speech processing, computer vision, natural language processing, and medical diagnostics. Finally, the paper outlines the challenges and future research directions within the realm of deep learning.


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