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Sunil Tiwari
Rakesh Kumar Katare
Shravan Tripathi


Parallel computing has become a crucial topic in the concern of computer science and also it is revealed to be critical when researching in high performance. The evolution of computer architectures towards an improved number of nodes, where parallelism could be the approach to option for speeding up an algorithm within the last few decades. The combination of processing units build a model of computation (circuits) has gained an essential place in the area of high performance computing (HPC) due to its configuration and considerable processing supremacy that is parallel, series, etc…. In this paper, we study the idea of parallel computing, and its programming models and also explore some theoretical and technical concepts which can be often needed to understand the Interconnection network.  In particular, we show how this technology is new in assisting the field of computational physics, especially when the issue is data parallel. In this paper firstly we convert the graphical model of perfect difference network into circuit diagram then convert circuit diagram into switching function, then simplify it and redraw the equivalent network.


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Sunil Tiwari

Department of Computer Science, A.P.S. University Rewa M.P. India


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