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Ravi Kumar Gupta
O.P. Singh, Pooja Khanna, Pragya


The financial influence of agriculture today is expanding in tandem with the economy of our nation and has become the large industry which plays a vital and crucial role for the uplifting of our nation. Keeping track of plant diseases caused by the assistance of experts could be expensive when it comes to the agricultural area, so there is a need for a system capable of automatically identifying since it could revolutionize the monitoring of vast fields of crops and allow for the plant's treatment of leaves as soon as possible after disease detection. There are numerous illnesses that harm various plants/crops and hamper their growth and agricultural fields. So there is a need to identify the disease and tell how to recover from it. So there is a need to develop such an application which could help in the prediction of plant/crops disease and how to recover from the same. In many nations, including India, agriculture is a substantial industry. Given that a massive portion of the Indian financial system depends on agricultural production, it is crucial to give the issue of food production a careful study. The agricultural industry gave immense importance to the nomenclature and acknowledgment of crop infection on both technical and financial level. While monitoring the plant diseases which are caused in the agricultural fields with the help of experts could be very expensive in the long run so a technique or system that can recognize diseases automatically is required because it could change the way the vast fields of crops are monitored, and a perfect automated system could be built which could easily detect the plant diseases. It has become a necessity to develop an automated system which could easily detect the plant diseases beforehand and could easily help in overcoming them by suggesting the measures and techniques to overcome them. So that agricultural productivity could be increased, and agricultural production could be done properly with vast production of good quality crops which in turn help in growth of our nation.


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Ravi Kumar Gupta

  Amity School of Engineering and Technology

                             Amity University, Uttar Pradesh



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