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Taimoor Ali


For the past few years, technology has been steadily rising and leading to rapid change in the development process. Information & Communication Technology (ICT) approaches have been moving toward new development trends with a huge elevation of comprehension. Service providers are always seeking customer satisfaction and due to multiple essentials, clients prefer to migrate from one application to another. Newer software applications are being launched, but they are constricted within a defined scope and cannot perform functions of interoperable components. Therefore, the aim of this study is to facilitate clients with multiple services over a single platform and gain knowledge about cloud computing, service computing techniques to enable flexibility and interoperability between applications. This work proposes an STA-Vision19 cloud platform and Service Integration Bridge (SIB) as solutions. To validate methods, a basic prototype for proposed framework STA-Vision19 and two applications E-Learning and Blogging System were implemented. In results, software evaluation parameters, and testing results are discussed, which indicates that the proposed system can collaborate two or more applications and it is beneficial to use as compared to an isolated system.


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Taimoor Ali, School of Computer Science & Engineering, Central South University, China

Ph.D Scholar


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