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Palagiri Mohammad Reehan
Revanna Horatti
Venkata Vikas Chandra P
Nikhilesh Kotha, A Ajil


- Smart phones are multipurpose electronic device mainly used for communication. When the phone is missing to the owner or some theft occurs, it is usually a cumbersome process for the owner to go to police station or start searching for it. To search for the lost smartphone efficiently and reduce mental stress of being overconcerned towards it, a project has been initiated. This project aims at developing an android application that helps to track your phone through other smart phones belonging to a person who might be your acquaintance, neighbour or your family member. Each device has an option to either be a user or administrator or both. The administrator monitors its users who have registered through it’s id. At each interval of time users send signals to its administrator that they have not been stolen. But, once it is stolen as it is the nature of thief to change the sim card user transmits signal to admin and notifies with subsequent location and the new sim card IMEI number. To develop this application Android technology is used. Android studio and Java programming are used to code for the application. Whereas to contribute for the database to store location Firebase Realtime Database technology is used.


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One in two mobile users in India are victims of mobile theft.



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