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Laxmi.B Ranannavare
Suma N


During recent days the technological advancements of the Internet of Things (IoT) and rapid growing costs of various health care devices, the main vision of these connected e-health applications has been developed that constitute Personal Health Devices. To monitor the health of elderly people and developing a rehabilitation system is a challenging task. The incorporation of the communication technology in the healthcare industry have been explored the different possibilities to optimize the all the available medical resources and provide an efficient reliable healthcare services to the elderly people and patients with disabilities, chronic illness and other healthcare issues. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of existing techniques which are developed in various healthcare applications using the IoT for the development of Rehabilitation system based on various parameters of disease by collecting patients as well as to inform doctors by sending early notifications. The system should be developed in such way that that collects all parameters of the patient and diagnose the disease as soon as possible. The network parameter are also considered suitably for the proposed solution for different environment are also presented, which improves efficiency of rehabilitation system developed for monitoring the health of elderly people.



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