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Siraj Basha Shaik
A Anand Shankar


In door autonomous robots has wide scope in the current world of Industry 4.0. With the advent of low-cost micro controller platforms like Arduino, it is easier to design and deploy inexpensive robotic solutions in Retail environments like physical stores and supply chain nodes like Distribution/Fulfillment centers. The paper discusses a low-cost Arduino based 4 wheeledrobot which can navigate in the given environment with Bluetooth sensors as position nods and obstacle avoidance built-in. Given the diversity and interconnectivity of Bluetooth sensors, we can implement robots moving with centimeter accuracy which is the need in partially closed environments. The robot should navigate its way to the destination which is fed by a remote server with resides on the premise to achieve lowlatency.



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Mobile Robot Platform with Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi for Autonomous Navigation - - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computers, University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology of Targu Mures, Nicolae Iorga st., No.1, 540088 Targu Mures, Romania

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