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Kavana K
K . Rajitha, Kavya SM, Ravali.M and Supreeth S


Cloud computing is designed to provide a scalable and low cost way to delivering on-demand IT resource services over the internet. Over a period of time cloud computing experienced  tremendous development . Nonethless, the economic model centered on  hardware and software demand  based on  technological requirements (CPU utilization, memory...) or strongly contributed to productive use of computer resources. Load balancing is therefore a crucial aspect of cloud computing. Cloud computing requires optimizing the efficiency of the various services provided by the cloud providers to minimize SLA infringement, i.e,.high degree of security, availability and responsivity. As cloud computing is growing increasingly and customers are demanding better performance and more services, cloud resource scheduling and load balancing has become a very interesting and significant research field .Therefore SLAs are emerging as an important factor between consumers and providers.In the existing algorithms there are drawbacks due to their single objective. But in this work, we are considering multiple objectives and multiple parameters for balancing load across virtual machine and to achieve less power consumption and reduce SLA violation.



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