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Chandini A
Bhaskar Reddy P.V


Through ongoing years, electronic devices identified quicker development in area of IoT along with remote Home automation framework. Be that as it may, the high use of these gadgets limits numerous clients to utilize highlights of these advancements. In this paper, The Alexa AWS has utilized also cloned by Raspberry Pi 3 along Microphone. Anybody with a web association over whatever product will build a new Amazon Echo Dot. Which is nearly less expensive over purchasing the industrially accessible gadgets. Practically any speaker can interface with this system to build a voice-controlled smart things platform. Our work encourages users for investigate the Internet of Things without going through a lot of cash. The introduced framework incorporates family machine control, theater setup, home office checking along house guardance. And managed through advanced mobiles and Alexa Voice Services (AVS) with Amazon Developer Console upheld over Amazon.



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