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Sangeetha Kumari M
Dr. Vishwanath Y


In current digital world, a person anticipates automation which can make the work simple and easy. In this busy world a person has the problem of remembering many trivial things one such is watering their plants in the garden regularly as per the requirement of plants for their better and healthy growth. The main idea is to adapt current technology instead of our old system so that the latest Automated system provides sufficient water for farming, home gardening, etc could be achieved. In the current scenario people expect their daily activities to be automated which make their chore convenient and efficient, IoT is one such platform that focuses on human comfort. IoT mainly targets to combine everything in our world under one system or framework. It can be used  to manage things and can also keep us updated constantly with current situation. Internet of Things comprises of various devices which can connect to internet and exchange information with one another and sends that information to the user. The proposed system uses Ultra sonic sensor for examining the water level of tank and soil moisture sensor to detect the water content of soil for automated supply of water using Solar power.




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