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Tasmiya Mairaj
Zaveriya Roshan
Vrinda Gopakumar
Priyanka Bharti


Real-time eye tracking is vital for hand free blink-based password entry. PIN’s (password authentication numbers) are extensively used for security and authentication. PINs are largely used for safety reasons. Password authentication works when a user enters the password using his hands, which might lead to cracking the password through techniques like shoulder surfing or thermal tracking. Authentications with eye blink techniques, does not leave any traces behind as there is no movement or contact with the keyboard during password entry and thus provides a safe environment. Eye tracking helps in locating the image frames sequentially and tracks the center of the eye. This project introduces an application in which we are combining eye blink tracking PIN entry, face detection/recognition and OTP (One Time Password) to avoid shoulder surfing and thermal tracking attacks.



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