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Kartik R Navagire
Mohammed Usama Khaleel, Shiva Kumar R N Santosh Kumar S, and Ravi Sasabal


In this rapid changing world, it is difficult to monitor and collect the data of fuel flowing inside the fuel tank and maintain all the records. It can be overcome with the help of this fuel monitoring system we can monitor and keep records of the fuel filled in the fuel tank. This is done through remote monitoring. This type of system is used to measure the quantity of petrol, diesel and any kind of liquids. The purpose of this device is to prevent the scam in the petrol stations where in some cases the amount of fuel displayed in the machine is not the actual amount of fuel flowed inside the fuel tank. This happens in very few petrol stations as the machine is diluted by the owner or the operator of the petrol stations. Hence, when this fuel monitoring system is installed it prevents the customer from getting cheated.



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