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Bindushree D C
Sawan Kumar
Rajeev C V
Rahul Kumar
Sachin Kumar


Now a day’s people have a tendency to pursue their higher education. During this transitional stage, people might get distracted from their objectives or attainment of incorrect data from different source. This induces the need for the counselling as an important aspect of the current scenario. Counselling paves a way of interaction between the students and the management of an institution. This also helps to provide the students the prospectus of the different courses. Web Based Admission Counselling System is developed to enrich the undeviating counselling process. The existing process comprised of a lot of redundant data where the manipulation of the data was compromised. Labor-intensive record maintenance also surfaced various problems like security issues. This can be overcame by the WBCS by simplifying the process and diminishing the manual paper work. It also condenses the travel expenses, and time.



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