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Nitesh V
NitishDurairaj, Navaneet Manikandan, Nithin Mohandas, and Prof. Shruthi G


ViTel is a robot which is developed in order to achieve virtual telepresence which makes the user feel as if being present in the desired location without physically being there. This robot is a wheeled device which is controlled with hand gestures for the movements, the robot enables the user to control it from a distance and succeed in achieving the view of the objects the robot aims at. ViTel consists of a smartphone in dual screen to experience virtual reality placed inside a VR headset and a two wheeled robotic vehicle. This is an immense aid to view remote locations and to view the places where mankind cannot sustain. By the impact of this, the pollution due to travel and the loss of life can be reduced. It can be used as an application in military and high security bases as well.




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