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Sahil Kumar Sondik
Dasari Bhulakshmi, Saikat Mukherjee Sailodhar Rabha and Abhishek Bisht


-The system is planned for Home automation (smart switch board) using IOT. The electronic devices such as computers, mobile, tablet can control the home automation features via Internet from anyplace. In this project we are going to implement voice based smart switch board. It will save not only human energy but also electricity (electric power). ESP8266 Wi-Fi module ,5v relay are the hardware used for this projects.The wireless communication is done between the ESP8266 and the electronic devise through Wi-Fi module. User need to pronounce through electronic device microphone instructing the appliances by telling appliances name to ON or OFF. This project facilitates the disable persons to control the home appliances without moving from its position. The limitation of this device are follows: and it always requires internet connectivity and this system fails to work efficiently in noisy environment



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