A software tool for recovering lost mobile phones using real-time tracking

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Iwara I. Arikpo
Gabriel I. Osuobiem


The rapid increase in the use of smartphones and other mobile devices in developing countries like Nigeria, comes with the huge challenge of rampant phone theft and difficult process of recovery. This study was aimed at improving the recovery process for lost phones by the development of a mobile application for locating and retrieving lost mobile phones in real-time. The system design methodology was based on object-oriented analysis and design using the unified modelling language. The system was implemented using Android SDK Tools Version 23.0.5 in combination with Google Map service an underlying Firebase real-time database. The application was tested with Android 5.0 (Lollipop). The software was successfully used to track mobile devices in real-time with other retrieval aids like lock, ring and wipe (if the owner wants to) applied during the recovery process. The authors recommend this application as a simplified solution to the problem of mobile phone theft/misplacement.


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Iwara I. Arikpo, University of Calabar

Department of Computer Science

Gabriel I. Osuobiem, University of Calabar

Department of Computer Science


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