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Sina Shahbazkia


How we can increase the performance of people after waking up it means how we can maximize the accretion of human brain performance after wake up. Every single person in this world wakes up each morning, some of them wake up very sleepy but they force themselves to get up, but some of them cannot. Anybody wants to wake up with maximum efficiency. After waking up some people can start their duty with good power, on the other hand number of people are not able to attend their daily job accurately. Simply when we are deeply sleeping our intellectual power of thinking is in Delta level and when we are awake it is in the Beta level. By a shock of the alarm or other sounds our blood pressure must be increased very fast to change Delta level to Theta, Then Theta to Mu and finally Alfa level to Beta which is a situation of completely awakens. But these changes in the body cannot take place immediately. In the case this action get place rapidly it can cause damage and diseases. We can prevent ourselves from this problem by the help of Binaural beats science and the new generation of wake up alarms.


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Sina Shahbazkia, Girne American University

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