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Rajneesh Pachouri
Abhishek soni
Anurag Jain


Security is the fundamental issue in wireless sensor networks and attackers are effortlessly altered the Actual behaviour  and performance  of network. In this research work we give the security plot against single and multiple black hole attack in wireless sensor networks. in black hole attack malicious node behave like a normal node and show that they are part of our network but when the data packets arrives they drops all the packets and reply false value to other nodes. in this proposed scheme we have identified the attackers node that caputers the data packets and nor forwareded to the destination. in wireless sensor network the malicious nodes are only nodes which are not farwareded data packects to goal node. in our proposed scheme we not only detect single black hole but also capable to detect multiple blackhole attack. black hole attack is veryharmful attack, the proposed method is surely identify the malicious node from the dynamic network and increase the network efficiancy.  



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