A Smart Parking System for Metrocities

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Aishwarya Babu
Akshitha D
Anandita Kushwaha
Anu Rawat
Nimrita Koul


The objective of this work is to implement an automated parking system to avoid the congestion in car parking lots in metro cities, especially in places like multiplexes, function halls, hospitals, shopping malls, office complexes etc. The problem with current parking arrangements is that the driver has to go looking for an available parking slot, or a security person has to lead the driver to it, this becomes cumber some particularly during peak traffic hours, and this manual system is prone to suboptimal parking arrangements which leads to problems while checking out. To overcome the discomfort experienced in current parking systems, we have proposed a computerized system for quick, reliable, error free management of parking bay as well as the process of checking in and out of vehicle.


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