Analysis of Energy Controllers for Enhancement of Energy Flow

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Neetu Mittal
Dr. Rachana Gupta, Vijay Kumar Tayal


The fast changing energy market has brought the new challenges in the field of transmission systems. Today’s energy transmission
networks are not designed for easy voltage flow in a deregulated market and steady state control problems as well as dynamic problem are the
result. A new technology in this field, the flexible ac transmission system is gaining popularity in the world due to its enormous advantages.
This paper gives an overview of its development; briefly describes its device and explains its effects. Furthermore, because of the tremendous
influence on the system by the introduction of flexible ac transmission system, there is a great demand to improve the energy system analysis.
Also, this paper present some aspects and direction needed to be studied.


Keywords—Flexible AC Transmission System Devices, Inter-line Power Flow Controller, Static synchronous Series Compensator, Static Var
Compensator, Transfer Capability, Thyristor Controlled Reactor


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