An application using Wavelet coefficients for Video-content analysis and retrieval

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Lakshmi Rupa G.
Gitanjali J.


The scheme of video-content analysis and indexing which involving structure analysis, abstraction, feature extraction and indexing poses many challenging research issues. This provides a unique opportunity for using intelligent media analysis techniques for creating advanced searching and browsing techniques to find relevant information quickly and inexpensively. This research mainly is to survey available and potential technologies for video monitoring and mining, the general methods of fast and efficient content-based analysis of video streams and to identify promising directions for research in this challenging area. This involves automatic detection of boundaries between the shots in a video and then those are indexed to form a library, saving the proper features of each shot/frame. This helps in the easy retrieval based on the shot according to the user requirements.
We present an automation technique for video indexing and creation of a digital library, which is composed of stream shots and the wavelet coefficients for these shots. The wavelet coefficients are computed on the image and all the video frames for a full search function in all the frames of the indexed video and can be used for any number of shots/frames.


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