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Jyoti tiwari
Ashish Singh baghel
Bhanu Pratap Singh


The nodes in MANET is forming link in between sender to receiver at any time through intermediate nodes. The limited range mobile nodes maintain the link in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) with the help of routing protocol like AODV. The attacker nodes in network be a part of the communication link is forward the fake reply to sender about destination. The nodes perform communication in open medium and by that the communication between the movable nodes are perform without any centralized authority. Because of that network security is one of the most important concern in MANET. There are many attackers in MANET like Grayhole attack drop the selective data packets in network by that little bit performance of network is affected. To secure network it is necessary to apply security scheme in network. In this research we proposed the SHA security algorithm for securing network and improve routing performance. The proposed work is apply the method of data encryption and decryption to secure network data packets and block the malicious activities of Grayhole attacker. This work analyzes the effect of Grayhole attack through dropping selective data packets. The data packets reach to the destination and the difference count negligible amount of variation in data receiving. The proposed SHA algorithm is applied on application layer to detect and removes the infection of attacker in network. The performance of proposed scheme is provides the better results after lump attacker malicious activities. The attacker SHA algorithm is provides better results and improves routing performance in dynamic network.


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