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sangeeta soni
sangeeta soni
suman sangwan


Cloud computing is rapidly growing due to the enormous benefits it offers over the traditional approach. Earlier, lot of things like buying server, managing traffic and maintenance needs to be managed individually leading to increase in cost and overhead for users. Cloud offers a less expensive and easy way of managing things. With increased number of applications and users, resources are not utilized efficiently This calls for efficient techniques to balance load on cloud. A good load balancing approach is required to distribute load among virtual machines and to provide maximum utilization of resource.. A discussion and comparative analysis of some important approaches for balancing load in cloud is presented in this paper.


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sangeeta soni, Deenbandhu Chotu Ram university of Science and Technology,Murthal, sonepat, India

Dept. of computer Science

sangeeta soni, Deenbandhu Chotu Ram university of Science and Technology,Murthal, sonepat, India

Dept. of computer science, student

suman sangwan, Deenbandhu Chotu Ram university of Science and Technology,Murthal, sonepat, India

dept. of computer science, Associate professor


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