Motion Estimation in Video Compression and Soft Computing Techniques

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Pooja Nagpal
Seema Baghla


The demand for communications with moving video picture is rapidly increasing Video is required in many remote video conferencing
systems, and it is expected that in near future cellular telephone systems will send and receive real-time video. Video compression is a
technology for transforming video signals that aims to retain original quality under a number of constraints, e.g. storage constraint, time delay
constraint or computation power constraint Block matching motion estimation is the essence of video coding systems. Soft Computing is the
fusion of methodologies that were designed to model and enable solutions to real world problems, which are not modeled, or too difficult to
model, mathematically This paper gives a review of the different block matching algorithms used for motion estimation in video compression,
also introduce the soft computing techniques with its necessity in video compression .



Keywords: Video Compression; Motion Estimation; Particle Swarm Optimization;


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