Comparative Analysis of AODV and DSR with Reference to Mobility Models and Mobility Speed

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Rajesh Deshmukh


Mobile ad hoc networks play an important role in military, civil and also in providing communication support in disaster situations.
Each node in mobile ad hoc network communicates with each other over wireless links. So, it is very crucial to evaluate the performance of
mobile ad hoc networks in terms of mobility models and routing protocols. Based on various scenarios, numbers of routing protocols as well as
mobility models have been proposed for ad hoc networks. In this paper, we study and compare the performance of the two reactive routing
protocols AODV and DSR with reference to Mobility Models, varying Mobility Speed and increasing Network load. For experimental purpose,
we have considered network size of 100 nodes and illustrate the performance of the routing protocol across Packet Delivery Ratio parameter
only. Our simulation results show that both AODV and DSR are performing comparatively in multiple scenarios we implemented.


Keywords: AODV; DSR; Random Waypoint; Manhattan Grid; Gauss Markov; Reference Point Group


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