Smart Application for Post Accident Management using IOT

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Shubham Patil


The situation about road accidents in India is a major problem. The State and Central government have been implementing measures to prevent the accidents on road by making helmets compulsory for two wheelers, speed limits, banning drivers from using mobile phones, etc. But if the accident occurs there is no provision for the victims to get the medical assistance immediately. So, accidents are the considerable economic losses to victims, their families, and to countries as a whole. To help the victims of road side accidents an android application will be developed. The witness of an accident can help the victim by just sending the image of that accident spot to nearby hospital for ambulance and nearby police station for further inquiry. A provision can also be made in future to get the identity of the victim to inform his/her relatives, this can either be done by matching the captured image of the victim with Aadhar card linked database or by bio-metrics. This will be an effort to save the person's life as it should be the top priority for any other citizen who happens to be connected with that matter or who happens to notice such an incident or a situation and also the medical professional and even the police.


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