Secured Authentication Protocol System using Images for Mobile

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R. Sujatha
G. Arumugam


The evolution of mobile networks and terminals has changed the way of communication with people, increasingly able
to stay in touch with greater mobility and flexibility than ever before. Mobile security is not simply a type of software or solution:
it is a combination of solutions that together best meet the security policies and practices of the enterprise. Users and service
bringers are slowly and steadily switching to PDAs and Mobile-phones for electronic commerce transactions. The key factor is the
password security that is used for authentication. We propose a simple, yet graceful method called Secured Authentication
Protocol System using Images for Mobile (SAPSIM) to solve the authentication problem in an omnipresent manner. We have
shown that SAPSIM survive all known attacks significant to this mode of authentication.



Keywords: Security, Authentication protocol, PDAs, Mobile devices, User Authentication System, Confidentiality, Graphical Image Pattern,
Image-Based Authentication System


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