Analysis of CK metrics and Li and Henry’s metrics for UML Class diagrams

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Narendra Pal Singh Rathore
Prof. Ravindra Gupta


For the last couple decade’s software quality changed in many levels. The demand for increased software quality has resulted in
quality being more of differentiator between products than it ever has been before. For this reason, software developers need objective and valid
measures for use in the evaluation and improvement of product quality from the initial stages of development. Class diagrams are a key artefact
in the development of object-oriented (OO) software because they lay the foundation for all later design and implementation work. It follows
that emphasizing class diagram quality may significantly contribute to higher quality OO software system. The primary aim of this work,
therefore, is to present a survey, as complete as possible, of the existing relevant works regarding class diagram metrics. In this survey paper we
present study on CK metrics and Li and Henry’s metrics for class diagrams.



Keywords: class diagram, object oriented, UML, metrics, software quality


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