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The Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is become very famous due to their fixed infrastructure-less quality and dynamic nature. it contains a large number of nodes which are connected and communicated to each other in wireless nature. Mobile ad hoc network is a wireless technology that contains high mobility of nodes and does not depend on the background administrator for central authority, because it does not contain any infrastructure.MANET is frequently changing its topologies to transfer the data quickly, because nodes in this network are moving always (mobility) and data transfer has been done by finding the efficient routing path between source and destination. These types of attacks affect the MANET routing path and it hence it is necessary to secure routing. ALERT protocol is evolved which is Distinguished by its low cost due to randomized routing mechanism and anonymity protection for sources, destinations, and routes. PSO is a population based optimization technique use for finding optimum solution. PSO technique is originated from social behavior bird flocking. In PSO optimum solution is obtained from the behavior of bird. Since PSO uses for network centric localization purpose, this approach generates network navigational decisions by obviating centralized control thereby reducing both the congestion and delay.


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