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Somesh Balani
Baswaraju Swathi
Niza Barun Shrestha


This paper details the design and development of Wi-Fi connectivity based on home security surveillance camera using Raspberry Pi and an IoT Module reducing continuous human monitoring and controlling with enhanced performance and effective results.Adding wireless fidelity to embedded systems will open up various feasibilities such as worldwide monitoring and control, reliable data storage etc. This system comprises of wireless sensor nodes and a controller section for surveillance. Remote user alerts, live video streaming and portability are the prime features of the system.Modular design is followed so that any number of nodes can be added or removed; data acquisition is used to sample signals and measure real world physical conditions. The user is warned via e-mails, phone calls or SMS after an unusual behavior is occurred and an event notification is sent which shows the events captured by the camera. The IoT module eliminates the need of a microcontroller and wireless transceiver module in sensor node, thus it makes the node compact, cost effective and easy to use. The biggest advantage of the system is that the user can seek surveillance from anywhere in the world and can respond according to the situations.


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Somesh Balani, New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Student, Department of Information Science.


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