New Approach Secure AODV in Mobile Ad-hoc Network

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Akansha Gupta
Rajdeep Singh, Nirlesh Sharma


In Ad hoc On Demand Vector (AODV) routing protocol for MANET (Mobile Ad hoc Networks), malicious nodes can easily
disrupt the communication because of inherent limitations. A malicious node that is not part of any route may launch Denial of Service (DoS)
Attack. Also, once a route is formed, any node in the route may turn malicious and may refrain from forwarding packets, modify them before
forwarding or may even forward to an incorrect intermediate node. Such malicious activities by a misbehaving node cannot be checked for in
pure AODV protocol. In this paper we proposed a new approach secure ad-hoc on demand distance vector in MANET using implement the
prevention technique of flooding attack (Denial of services). In our simulation, the results show that SAODV is still efficient in discovering
secure routes compared with normal AODV protocol.



Keywords- MANET, AODV, Flooding Attack


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