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S Gurupriya
H. Refana Parveen
R. Aishwarya
J. K. Periasamy


In recent times, Cloud computing is considered as one of the emerging trends in the field of Science and technology. With no doubt, it is one of the strategic directions for many organizations and the most dominating infrastructure for enterprises as far as end users are concerned.Instead of buying the IT equipments and managing themselves, many companies prefer to buy the services from service providers to inflate their chances of increasing profit by reducing the cost. With dramatic increase in the number of cloud providers and the need to access cloud for organisation’s benefit, Cloud computing is the panacea or the tool of choice for more cloud storage services. However, there comes a question for privacy and data security as more sensitive data and personal information gets transferred to the cloud. The proposed system discusses a method for security improvement using AES-128, IDA and X13 hash algorithm. Where, AES takes care of symmetric encryption which encrypts the file with single public key. The IDA is responsible for routing the pieces of data set to different storage locations thereby providing sophisticated data management. X-13 is a mining algorithm with thirteen different rounds of hashes and it is energy efficient while mining with a GPU or CPU.


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