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Mahimn Bhupendrabhai Pandya
Ashish N Jani


This research paper introduces a novel algorithm can be applied either, in the area of digital watermarking and steganography, separately or together. This amalgamated algorithm, MP_2, is evolved for enhancement of secrecy level of a confidential message communication and imperceptibility of a watermark in the digital steganography and watermarking domain. The research work has employed matrix transformation technique to evolve embedment and encryption algorithm. This algorithm is classified in the reversible algorithm in the area of digital watermarking technique steganography.


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Mahimn Bhupendrabhai Pandya, Smt. K. B. Parekh College of Computer Science, M.K. Bhavnagar University Gujarat

Assistant Professor Computer Science

Ashish N Jani, P.P. Savani School of Computer Engineering P.P. Savani University

Associate Professor Computer Engineering Department



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