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Madhup Shrivastava
Monika Sahu
M A Rizvi
Khaleel Ahmad


Mobile Ad hoc Network is a network of independent nodes, which are mobile, connected through the wireless medium and highly dynamic by nature, and exemplified by the absence of physical infrastructure. The diversity and variations in wireless mobile devices are generating the revolutionary changes in the way users are using the services and resources for their purposes, at the same time it also poses many challenges to the researchers. In this paper, authors contribute toward the design of a new adaptive Quality of Service (QoS) paradigm for MANET. An honest attempt is made to develop an approach to decrease the overall delay, i.e. End-to-End delay and increase the efficiency of Protocol and also tried to make it more reliable by increasing the Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR) by applying Dijkstra Algorithm (for finding shortest and optimal route) and reducing queuing delay for increasing throughput by using a new hybrid algorithm. The modified AODV, which is named as Improved AODV (IAODV), enhance the “Packet Delivery Ratio†and reduce the “Queuing Delayâ€.


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Author Biographies

Madhup Shrivastava, National Institute of Technical Teachers training and Research

Department of Computer Technology and Application

Monika Sahu, Govt Polytechnic College Dindori(M.P.)

Department of Computer science and Engineering

M A Rizvi, National Institute of Technical Teachers training and Research

Department of Computer Technology and Application

Khaleel Ahmad, Maulana Azad National Urdu University

School of Computer Science and Information Technology


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