Finding Tumor Volume Using Segmentation from MR image

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Prof. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay


An accurate segmentation is critical, especially when the tumor morphological changes remain subtle, irregular and difficult to assess
by clinical examination. Brain tissue and tumor segmentation in MR images has been an active area of research today. The region growing
segmentation is used to segment the brain tumors due to its wide range of applications and automatic features. After taking the image of the
tumorous brain there is a need to process it. The image clearly shows the place of the tumorous portion of the brain. The image does not give the
information about the numerical parameters such as area and volume of the tumorous portion of the brain. After segmentation the desired tumor
area is selected from the segmented image. An approach to segmentation is proposed that removes the adverse effect on the boundary, which is
unwanted especially from the point of view of volume rendering. This approach gives more accurate boundary detection and holes filling after
segmentation. Volume of the tumor is calculated for the decision to be taken by the doctors.




Keywords: Edge Detection, Brain Tumor Segmentation, Magnetic resonance imaging and Region Growing Segmentation


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