A Review on Security Issues in Multipath Routing Protocol in MANET

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P. Purniemaa
K.Manikandan, M.A.Saleem Durai


A MANET is a multi-hop ad-hoc wireless network where nodes can move arbitrary in the topology. In such networks, the wireless
mobile nodes may dynamically enter the network as well as leave the network. Due to the limited transmission range of wireless network nodes,
multiple hops are usually needed for a node to exchange information with any other node in the network. Multipath routing allows the
establishment of multiple paths between a single source and single destination node. While sending data from source to destination through
various paths the security in multipath and in MANET plays a serious concern. The success of mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) strongly
depends on people’s confidence in its security. So, in this paper we going to deal with review of multipath routing protocols along with secure
data transmission related with those protocols.




Keywords: MANET, Routing Protocols, Security, Multipath, AOMDV, MP-OLSR.


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