A Comprehensive Survey of Face Detection System Using Different Method

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Megha Gupta
Prof. Neetesh Gupta


In this paper we present a comprehensive and critical survey of face detection algorithms. Images containing faces are essential to
intelligent vision-based human computer interaction, and research efforts in face processing include face recognition, face tracking, pose
estimation, and expression recognition. However, many reported methods assume that the faces in an image or an image sequence have been
identified and localized. To build fully automated systems that analyse the information contained in face images, robust and efficient face
detection algorithms are required. Given a single image, the goal of face detection is to identify all image regions which contain a face regardless
of its three-dimensional position, orientation, and lighting conditions. in this paper we have discuss different approach for face detection such as
DWT fusion, image transformation, Age transformation and DCT based transform.



Keywords: Face Detection, DWT, DCT, Image Transformation


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