An Overview of QoS Model in Mobile Ad hoc Network

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Mohanapriya. J
Magesh. G


The maturity of Wireless transmission and the popularity of portable computing devices have made the dream of communication
“anytime and anywhere†possible. With the continuing advance in computing and wireless technologies, Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) are
expected to become an indispensable part of the computing environment in the near future. As MANET gain popularity they need to support real
time and multimedia applications. Such applications have stringent the quality of service requirements such as bandwidth, delay and delay jitter.
Due to the design and development of Quality of service (QoS) model make increased research interest. In this paper we present on survey
about Features of MANET, MANET applications, the QoS model of the MANET, We also examine Advantages and Disadvantages in
MANETs and challenges involved in providing QoS model in an ad hoc network. In particular it proposes a brief survey about IntServ ,
DiffServ, Special Issues and Difficulties in MANETS in recent trends.



Keywords: Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET), Quality of service (QOS) model, IntServ, DiffServ.


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