Implementing key Technologies in Multicast Environment through IP Multicast

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B.V.S.S.R.S. Sastry
Mayank Sharma, Dr.S.M.Afroz
S.Santhi Priya, K. Akshitha


IP multicast, method of sending IP datagrams to a group of interested receivers in a single transmission. Some applications require
data to be delivered from a sender to multiple receivers. Examples of such applications include audio and video broadcasts, real-time delivery of
stock quotes, and teleconferencing applications [1]. In contrast to the one-to-one model of IP unicast, in which data packets are sent from a
single source to a single recipient, IP multicast provides a method of efficient many-to-many communication. This concept is becoming
increasingly important, both in the Internet and in private networks, for providing services such as multimedia content delivery[2][3]. In this
paper we provide various technologies to be implemented in multicast Environment.



Keywords - IP multicast, IGMP, PIM, multicast authority, multicast security


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