Load Balancing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: A Review

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Jayant Vats
Dr.R.K Singh, Tanu Preet Singh


Mobile Ad Hoc Network are wireless network consisting of a collection of mobile nodes with no fixed infrastructure due to their
decentralization, self-configuring add dynamic nature MANET offer many advantages and are easy to install. But with this dynamic topology,
mobile adhoc network have some challenges like design of an efficient routing protocol and controlling the congestion, hence balancing the load
in MANET is important since nodes with high load will deplete their batteries quickly, thereby increasing the probability disconnecting or
partitioning. This paper discusses the various load metrics and summarizes the principals behind several existing load balancing adhoc routing




Keywords: AODV-Ad hoc on demand distance vector, VPR-Virtual path routing, LOAR-Load aware on demand routing, ABR-Associatively
based routing, LBAR- Load balancing adhoc routing, TSA-traffic size aware, CSLAR-content sensitive load aware routing, LARA-load aware
routing in ad hoc


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