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Ambooj yadav
Bhavya Alankar


Fresh environment is the key to human life, according to report [8] 25 lack people dead only in India in 2015 due to the polluted atmosphere. Major causes of air pollution are burning of fossil fuels, agricultural activities, exhaust from factories and industries, mining operations, and Indoor air pollution [9]. Unfortunately, our beloved computer is one of them. Datacentres discharge massive amount of CO2 in the air because here in datacentres thousands of servers, and other computer components are continuously in working condition 24/7. It occurs to researchers that they must search some new ways to control this problem. That's why green computing is a trending topic today. In this paper, we will tell the importance of green computing or green cloud computing, the impact of greenhouse gases on nature, also we will suggest some ideas that could be implemented in datacenters.


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